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Lisa has been training me in one-on-one PT sessions for nearly nine months now, and with her help I have been crushing my goals even faster than I could have imagined. She is fun, creative, and makes every session different and challenging. When I struggle to find the mental strength or internal motivation to do something, Lisa is encouraging and always pushes me to power through and achieve more. One of my initial goals when I started was to be able to do some push-ups. At my first session, I could do none (unless you count maybe three very feeble, shaky on-the-knees push-ups). Fast forward a few months and I managed 150 push-ups, on my toes and with good technique in under an hour. As my goals change, Lisa is always ready to help me tackle them and stay accountable"

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I’ve have been with Lisa now for 6 years and I can honestly say it is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I have yet to experience a session that I have not enjoyed and I am always excited to attend. I have also experienced several fantastic benefits, including a boost in my overall confidence and a massive decrease in my body image issues (being able to look in the mirror and see the muscles and definition that are the results of your own hard work make it a lot easier to feel good about yourself!) I would not hesitate to recommend PT with Lisa to someone interested in Personal Training!

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Lisa has been an angel without wings for me. Having had ongoing hip problems after giving birth to 2 kids..10 years on and still looking for answers, I came across Lisa and “Pink Training” on the internet. Although a bit apprehensive about starting personal training, Lisa instilled confidence in me by paying close attention to the limitations of my body, but in particular to my fear of hurting myself again. Lisa has continued to deliver a unique, personalised training session every week, and I have come so far both physically and mentally because of Lisa’s dedication to me and my needs.

Lisa is a tremendous person who really is passionate about helping you achieve your goals and she adds to her own personal professional development to continue to help others. 



Ringwood North, Victoria, Australia.

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