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MEET LISA - Head Trainer

Vivacious and bubbly as a brook surrounded by fawns in a Disney movie, Boss trainer Lisa considers clients to be extended family. She embraces diversity, providing an inclusive and respectful space for humans of all shapes, sizes, ages, fitness levels, places on the gendered spectrum, and for those with special needs.

Keeping her sessions as diverse as her clientele, Lisa uses a variety of equipment - or "my toys" as she calls them. Her boss timer for one is never far from her side. 

Lisa's always happy to have a chat and run through options appropriate to client needs or interests. Her creativity and imagination enhance her session plans, turning workouts into games, with new exercises bearing hilarious made-up names. 

Lisa is super informed, having completed a whole heap of fitness training and gaining a long list of qualifications. Being a super qualified sweety, she confidently facilitates options for those whose physical state may be compromised or vulnerable. Lisa can easily plan alternate moves for injured and pre / post-natal clients, making sure everyone can take part and safely build on their strength. 

Fourteen years after starting her fitness career and with an ever-growing list of accomplishments, Lisa's love for her job remains infectious (in a good way). Go Lisa!

Lisa's long, long, lonnnnnng list of credentials includes:

Certificate III in Fitness
Certificate IV in Fitness (Personal Trainer)
Certificate in Gym Stick PT
Level 1 Thump Boxing Instructor
Level 2 Advanced Thump Boxing Instructor
Level 2 First Aid & CPR
Certificate in Pilates Fitness
Certificate in Dealing with Back Pain
Workshop Facilitator
Special Needs Trainer (ASD/Down Syndrome)
Kids Trainer (Working with Children's Check)
Pelvic Floor First Certificate
Metafit / HIIT instructor
Certificate in Power + Speed Training
Certificate in Rehabilitation
TRX instructor
Aerobics/freestyle instructor

Swiss Ball Exercise + Training


Meet the creator behind The Shake Lab!
Megan loves to dance more than caffeinated beverages and The Gilmore Girls combined - yep, that much!
With 30 years of dance experience in disciplines such as contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, ballet, pointe, tap, pole and calisthenics, you can be sure you're in for an all you can dance buffet of moves!
Megan has a background in performing arts education, has orchestrated and choreographed various performances for schools as well as created dance work for the Melbourne Fringe Festival. ‍
Megan created The Shake Lab because she wanted to provide a safe and fun space for anyone that loves to dance! A space where you can feel comfortable to let loose, let go and feel strong, sexy and powerful!

..."I want my shakers to feel like they are amongst family and friends when they attend my classes..." 

SABINA - Boxing Instructor/group instructor

Fashion Designer + Social Media Manager by day, fervent footy player and avid alternative rock/ metal fan; Sabina successfully combines her passions into projects that help women thrive. Teaching fun fitness classes to alternative and heavy music since 2012, Sabina soon found herself surrounded by a band of loyal followers seeking to get strong, keep fit, and have fun; without having to conform to the norms of a standard gym. 

Sab uses her extensive fitness abilities and uniquely encouraging people skills to teach Boxing, Muaythai, stretch, Sculptallica® (and more) on the regs.

You can catch Sabina teaching on our online schedge and being an inspirational legend every damn day. Bring it on!

MEET ST - Pilates Instructor 

Biochemist and ex-Supply Chain Professional turned Pilates instructor, cat lover and recent plant mum; ST is passionate about sharing the benefits of Pilates ever since she discovered it some twenty years ago. 

ST trained with Polestar Pilates, an international authority in Pilates education, focused on whole body wellness, healing through movement modalities and mind-body-spirit connectivity. She is a member of the Pilates Alliance Australasia, an independent, non-profit regulatory body that oversees the quality and integrity of Pilates education. 

Frequently described as patient, gentle, supportive and creative, ST will guide you through a methodical class plan with options and variations for different bodies. Her firm belief is that Pilates is for everyone and her personal mantra is “everyone gets a good workout and no one gets left behind”.  She is happiest when participants have fun whilst achieving their fitness goals.

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