Tight Arse

This entire session dedicated to exercises designed to specifically target + tone your tummy, thighs + butt!

This is a strength only session, with minimal cardio apart from a warm up! Enjoy new session formats each week such as circuits, intervals, follow the instructor, pyramid challenges and more! 

Suitable for all fitness levels and most injuries with plenty of low impact options available.


Pink Training (Since 2009)

The first ever class on the timetable! This group personal training class will target + tone every muscle group in your body combined with creative cardio options to get your heart rate pumping! Individual, partner work and all in team challenges will keep you motivated and make you laugh!
Mostly indoor training especially in Winter! This session features strongly in our timetable due to its popular nature as its never the same workout. This is why several recruits do it multiple times per week! Some session content may involve hiit training, circuits, gymsticks, therabands, free weights, balance, TRX suspension training, steps, boxing, battle ropes, aerobics, slam balls and more!



Love weights? Yeah don't put me down for cardio... haha

Over the course of the program you will notice an obvious change in your shape, feel stronger and more toned!

We like to cap this session at approx 8, so we can get your technique on point and spot you while you push out those last reps!

Enjoy seeing your muscles pushed to full potential whilst listening to the amazing vocals of the group!
By vocals, we don't mean singing, although that is welcome - we mean the "yesses", the "whooo's",  the "Sh!ts" and "far outs!" we love to hear when everyone is putting in 100%. A very supportive and encouraging group, no matter what level you are at!
 If you have any obvious injuries, we do suggest getting your physician to give you the once over prior to attending so we can liaise with them to give you the best outcome and experience possible.



Enjoy classic Mat Pilates exercises that will improve your posture, core stability and strengthen muscles you didn't know you even had!
Suitable for beginners with intermediate and advanced options offered for an extra challenge!

A class for Men + Women


4 on 1 Personal Training

Our 4 on 1 PT sessions are popular! Sessions may vary pending the group - usually a 50/50 split of cardio + strength with heaps of room to adapt to individual taste and needs. Imagine all the cool stuff our PiNK TRAiNiNG group sessions have but with only 4 people, resulting in more personalised attention yet more cost effective than a 1 on 1 PT. Great if you have any injuries. Have a squiz at the timetable otherwise why not form your own group at a day and time that suits? Perhaps a bridal party? Mum's with bubs? School friends?


Pink Boxing (Mixed Levels)

Mixed levels sessions are suitable for boxers that have completed our beginner program or masterclass or for those that have been punching with us for some time.

We partner recruits together who are of a similar level with more complex combo's for those that want the extra challenge.

No matter who you are partnered with, rest assured that everyone that attends these sessions are supportive of one another and love to have fun!

You'll be challenged, encouraged and supported throughout every session by your partner and trainer/s.

Our trainers are always available early before each session to go through anything you are not sure of and check hand wraps are looking good!

Most of our crew arrive early to wrap, chat and stretch!

The focus in 8 week programs is on refining/controlling.

You will notice that you will develop more confidence to speed up and hit harder during combo's and feel your core getting stronger each week!


  • Can wrap your own hands

  • The skills to properly pad hold!

  • The ability to understand combos and perform with correct technique

  • Stance and footwork skills

  • The ability to engage in core and balance work

  • The skills to undertake partner work, even with left handers.

Boxing gloves, pads + inserts are provided.

You will need to purchase your own wraps or purchase from us for $10.

If you have your own gloves - your welcome to bring them!

**Beginner/Refresher Boxing intakes will return later in 2020, or if you have boxed before and not sure if this group is for you, give us a call and we can schedule a play date to check your technique**

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