This entire session dedicated to exercises designed to specifically target + tone your tummy, thighs + butt!

This is a strength only session, with minimal cardio apart from a warm up! Enjoy new session formats each week such as circuits, intervals, follow the instructor, pyramid challenges and more! 

Suitable for all fitness levels and most injuries with plenty of low impact options available.



Most of you are now working from home. In time, we hope you can all set up your work stations just right to avoid niggles in backs and necks! But just in case we thought it was the right time to break up your work day with a nice 30 min or less stretching session. We will include heaps of stretches on chairs so you can get some ideas to implement each day. Having a theraband will be of great benefit during this session, although not essential. You can always use a scarf or towel.



As the name suggests, this express 30 min workout is all about ya thighs + booty! Feel the burn - whoo hoo!


A high intensity interval training sesh done in 30 min or less! Now.. let's clarify "high intensity" shall we! We pride ourselves on providing low impact options for injuries and for some - so you don't feel like your bits are gonna fall out! Some of these alternative options get the heart rate going massively! So, as long as you put in 100% (we are all at different fitness levels) - your version of "high intensity" will be just perfect! *Hint: you should feel puffed out, look red and get sweaty and not feel like talking! haha

Pink Training (Since 2009)

The first ever class on the timetable! This group personal training class will target + tone every muscle group in your body combined with creative cardio options to get your heart rate pumping! Individual, partner work and all in team challenges will keep you motivated and make you laugh!
This session features strongly in our timetable due to its popular nature as its never the same workout. This is why several recruits do it multiple times per week! Some session content may involve hiit training, circuits, gymsticks, therabands, free weights, balance, TRX suspension training, steps, boxing, battle ropes, aerobics, slam balls and more! 

Please note: Currently having to live stream this session means we will incorporate mostly body weight exercises but also give options for those that do have equipment at home.



Love weights? Yeah don't put me down for cardio... haha

Full body strength sesh using dumbbells and body weight. 
Suitable for: Anyone, but we do suggest if you have any obvious injuries, to get your physician to give you the once over prior to attending so we can liaise with them to give you the best outcome and experience possible.



Enjoy classic Mat Pilates exercises that will improve your posture, core stability and strengthen muscles you didn't know you even had!
Suitable for: Beginners with intermediate and advanced options offered for an extra challenge!

A class for Men + Women


PiNK (Shadow) BOXiNG - Intermediate 

Need a stress relief -Yes ploise!
Punch with a bunch of like-minded legends… tune in and teach the fresh air whose boss!
You won't just be throwin' rando fresh-air-punches though! Your trainer will direct your footwork, combos and drills; slips and weaves, core workout and more!
Since PiNK (Shadow) BOXiNG does NOT involve hitting a partner/ pads, you'll be calling' on ya legs, back and core muscles more 
to better control the force and to catch ya balance. Expect a total body workout and the ultimate energy and stress release!
The entire workout is LOW IMPACT, with options available most for injuries and aliments. Wear something comfy that allows movement. If you’re on carpet you may like to try bare feet. Bring a water bottle and a large towel or mat.

Suitable for: Experienced boxers. Women aged 16+. We are not insured for under-aged visitors. So unfortunately no underage crew can watch or participate in this session due to the adult themes. 

A LOW IMPACT strength and flexibility training session including core work.
No matter your size or fitness level – Elastica makes ALL bodies warm and bendy!
A simple, watch and follow, mat (floor) class; with various degrees of difficulty offered at the perfect pace.
Before you know it, you will be more bendy and flexy than you ever dreamed possible with the bonus of a stronger core!
A body positive, encouraging and inclusive class to an inspiring playlist!
Wear comfortable clothing to allow movement (nothing too floppy - it might get in the way of some moves), socks or bare feet and extra layers if cold. Bring a water bottle and a large towel/yoga mat.
Suitable for: Men + Women aged 18+. We are not insured for under-aged visitors. So unfortunately no underage crew can watch or participate in this session due to the adult themes. 

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