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4on1 PT session 45 MIN

A re-vamped popular fav returning after covid!

These sessions will usually have a wait list, so get in quick!

After undergoing an extensive goals and injury screening, each individual will be provided with a custom warm up (including stretching, cardio, mobility and foam rolling exercises), custom stretching (including at-home stretching program) as well as specific strength exercises designed around the individual injuries and goals.

Much more cost effective than a 1 on 1 PT, yet with the added bonus of more 1 on 1 attention compared to our larger group sessions.

Suitable for: All fitness/strength levels and most injuries.

You will need: Bring your workbook, sweat towel/mat towel and drink bottle.

Trainer: Head Trainer Authentic Women Lisa

Studio only session.

Shake-a-licious! 45 MIN 

If dance moves were snacks, this simple BUT sassy watch + follow dance sesh will soon become your fav weekly treat!

Enjoy an awesome mash-up of dance styles, shaking it back-to-back to a delicious mix of song choices!

Song requests welcome!

Suitable for: All fitness + co-ordination levels welcome.

You will need: Sweat towel + drink bottle. Shoes with low grip recommended or + socks/bare feet.

Trainer: Meggs

Zoom or Studio available!

Sizzle Town! 30 MIN 

Enjoy a mash-up of random cardio moves to a fun and inspiring playlist each week!

No chorey, although the moves will totally be supplied, they are in fact just suggestions and completely optional!

This means you are encouraged to feel the music, move to the beat and go completely rogue!

Low impact alternatives will always be on offer. 

Y'all know Lisa is the queen of options (and random made up, funny, laugh out loud moves too!)

Each move is timed, so you can go at your own pace. 

Suitable for: All fitness levels + most injuries!

You will need: A sweat towel, low grip shoes, drink bottle and an "anything goes/just go with it attitude!"

Trainer: Head Trainer Authentic Women Lisa

Zoom or Studio available!


Are you ready to embrace getting Shhweaty! 
This is an all standing, 100 % low impact cardio session with 'no jumping' EVER!
How do we get the heart rate up if we are moving slower you ask?
Simple! - By using small hand weights!

And! The best part about using hand weights at the same time is that you get in an extra arm workout!

We use a fun and inspiring playlist each week where you are encouraged to feel and move to the beat.
Each move is timed, so your are free to go at your own pace.

Is this session like Sizzle Town? Hmm, yes and no. Let's say they are more like cousins than siblings!

Sweat Party will feature some of your favourite Sizzle moves, BUT to slower tracks + of course with the use of hand weights.
Suitable for: All fitness levels + most injuries!

You will need: Small hand weights (nothing over 2kg) or pantry tins, a sweat towel, low grip shoes, drink bottle and an "anything goes/just go with it attitude!"

Trainer: Head Trainer Authentic Women Lisa

Zoom or Studio available!


In this session you will re-awaken and strengthen some of the most important muscles in your body.

This includes the stabilising muscles in your deep core and pelvic floor!

Expect to improve your overall strength, alignment, mobility, balance and more! 

This is the perfect session for those of us dealing with back niggles or pelvic floor issues

OR for those just wanting a stronger and more resilient physique to compliment other workouts. 

ST will end the session with 5 min or so of optional relaxation or stretching.

Suitable for: Not just for those that identify as women, we’ve made this session open to ALL.

Beginners welcomed with intermediate and advanced options given for those that like a challenge.

You will need: Drink bottle + towel. All equipment provided.

Wear: Dress warm with layers so you can shed as you get warm. Grippy socks or bare feet - you choose!

Trainer: ST

Studio only session.

Roll + Stretch 30 MIN Express

Live Stream or Studio (All welcome).

In this roll + stretch chill sesh, you can expect to leave feeling looser, freer + relaxed.

Lisa will guide you through:

Full body stretches (using a towel, mat + chair)

Rolling techniques designed to unlock tight muscles and increase your range of movement

As well as Incorporating neural gliding techniques to help release trapped nerves.

If time permits, Lisa may end the session with 5 min or so of guided meditation in the form of body scanning.

You will need:

A 90cm foam roller (available for purchase with us)

A chair (preferably with a back)

Full length towel to lay on or mat

Extra full length towel or theraband for stretching

Trigger ball, spikey ball or tennis ball (Trigger balls available for purchase with us).

These sessions are included in our UNLIMITED package or you can attend casually.

Wear: PJ's if you like! Anything comfy, bare feet or warm socks.

Trainer: Head Trainer Lisa


LiFT 30/45 MIN

Love weights? Yeah don't put me down for cardio... haha

This weights-based class will build your strength like nothing else!  
Building muscle strength is great for bone, heart and overall health, especially for women!
LIFT is all about lifting with technique BANG ON whether it’s LiFTING with weights or body weight and not giving up when you feel the “burn”!

Lisa will include exercises for all ya bits and don’t worry, you won’t leave this session looking like a “body builder”, but you'll finish feeling STRONG AS!

Join us sisters who LIFT, PUSH IT like Salt n Pepa and enjoy PUMPING IT to some inspiring tunes.  

Suitable for: Most levels welcome. Lisa will need to know about injuries WAY in advance, coz she loves to plan special options for everyone!

Numbers are capped to ensure you LIFT in a safe and fun way.
​​You will need: Chair/bench (something to kneel/balance on. Mat (or comfy rug) and 2 sets of dumbbells -1 heavy, 1 light.  

Barbells or kettlebells may also be used! Defining what is heavy or light for everyone is tricky, but essentially you want to feel challenged during your workout! If you're not sure you can always discuss with Lisa prior to booking!

Dress warm so you can shed those layers and PLEASE wear SNEAKERS!  

Trainer: Head Trainer Authentic Women Lisa


This entire session dedicated to exercises designed to specifically target + tone your tummy, thighs + butt!

This is a strength only session, with minimal cardio apart from a warm up! 

Suitable for: All fitness levels and most injuries with plenty of low impact options available.

You will need: A mat/towel or rug to lay/kneel on and booty band recommended but not essential.

Trainer: Head Trainer Authentic Women Lisa

Zoom or Studio available!

Pink Training (Since 2009) 45 MIN

Our first ever class on the timetable! This group personal training class will target + tone every muscle group in your body combined with creative cardio options to get your heart rate pumping! Individual, partner work and all in team challenges will keep you motivated and make you laugh!
This session has been going for 14 years for a reason. Recruits love that
 its never the same workout. Some session formats may involve hiit, games, circuits, free weights, balance, shadow boxing, unco-aerobics,  watch + follow and more! 

Suitable for: Most levels and injuries. 

You will need: All equipment provided. 

Trainer: Head Trainer Authentic Women Lisa

Studio only session.

EndoEASE Yoga (Camera Optional) 45 MIN
This session all about easing the pain and discomfort that comes with having endometriosis with poses that help you relax and find relief.
Research shows that yoga can really help manage symptoms by getting you in tune with your breath and body. Expect a combination of gentle practices like Hatha, yin, and restorative yoga. We're skipping the tough poses (especially if you're dealing with a flare-ups or recovering from surgery) - Instead you'll enjoy poses like Restorative Goddess, Supine Spinal Twist, and Happy Baby. 

Suitable for: Anyone wanting a slow/more chilled Yoga practice. 

You will need: Making sure you're cozy with lots of cushions and pillows + Yoga blocks. 

Trainer: Sab

POWER POSE [Camera optional] 30 MIN
When you think of a powerful poser, who comes to mind? Is it Wonder Woman? Superman? Xena the Princess Warrior? Perhaps the Fembots from Austin Powers or Beyoncé?
In POWER POSE, we adopt stances associated with confidence, power and achievement—chest lifted, head held high, arms either up or propped on the hips. While not a traditional yoga class, we do borrow a bunch of moves from the practice. Power poses are more than just physical postures; they're signals to your mind that you're ready to conquer challenges with confidence. Slow controlled movements, suitable for most!
You will need: Yoga blocks, cushions, grippy surface, chair, door frame or wall for balance support. 

Trainer: Sab

PELVIC [FLOOR] (Camera optional) 30 MIN
If you can’t sneeze, laugh, do a star jump or cough without leaking a bit of wee, you’re not alone. Problems with the pelvic floor are common and can happen to anyone. Perhaps you experience lower back pain or hip tightness too?
This pelvic movement class will be dishing out some serious TLC 'down under' for your pelvic area. Enjoy gentle movements with a combination of breathwork, gentle strengthening and stretching. 
You will need: Blocks or cushions to help support and a Mat or towel to lay on.
Trainer: Sab


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