Sculptallica® 30 MIN (Proudly offered by our sister business AWF)

Rippin' tunes and NO RUNNING OR JUMPING.

What more could you want?! Did we mention there’s no running? Sculptallica® turns your dial up to 11! Our Master of sculpting makes toning FUN to a ripper soundtrack;

Offering a no equipment required, full body strength training with resistance and body weight techniques; Routines are LOW IMPACT and will leave you sweatier than Betty with the toightest buns.
Easy to pick up, watch and follow style, standing and mat (floor) class; with various degrees of difficulty offered, and at the perfect pace so everyone can keep up but no-body will get bored.

You will need: Wear your comfies, maybe a band tee (nothing too floppy - it might get in the way of some moves) and fave pair of sneaks so you can move around freely, in the cooler weather extra layers are a must. You’ll need a water bottle and a large towel (or a yoga mat if you have one)

MUSIC THEME: For those that like it heavy (Rock/ Metal)

Trainer: AWF Head Coach Sabina Rulez


BOXiNG - Open Level 30 MIN (Proudly offered by our sister business Alternative Women's Fitness)

Need a stress relief -Yes ploise!
Punch with a bunch of like-minded legends… 

You won't just be throwin' rando fresh-air-punches! Your trainer will direct your footwork, combos and drills; slips, core workout and more! Since (Shadow) BOXiNG does NOT involve hitting a partner/ pads, you'll be calling' on ya legs, back and core muscles more 
to better control the force and to catch ya balance. Expect a total body workout and the ultimate energy and stress release!
The entire workout is LOW IMPACT, with options available for most injuries and aliments.

Suitable for: Women aged 16+. We are not insured for under-aged visitors. So unfortunately no underage crew can watch or participate in this session due to the adult themes. 

You will need: Large towel or mat and ya drink bottle!

Wear something comfy that allows movement. If you’re on carpet you may like to try bare feet. 

Trainer: AWF Head Trainer Sabina

MUSIC THEME: Punk, Rock and Metal.

Combat 30 MIN (Proudly offered by our sister business Alternative Women's Fitness)  

Like Pat we reckon 'We Belong Together’ (for 30mins anyways) and are throwin' a pack of different fighting and training styles into a big pile of awesome. Taking kick-punching to a whole new level of fun, you might just break out into a sweat, and have so much fun you'll forget about the cluster-fart that is the real world! 

Expect mixed martial arts and exercises that help build wrist and ankle strength, shouldes and core.

Suitable for: Most levels. Low impact options for those that don't want bounce around.

You'll need: Sneakers on shiny surface, bare feet on carpet. Equipment will include stuff to choc up ya knees or hips.

We recommend a flat cushion or rolled up yoga mat, unless you have squishy carpet. Don’t forget your water bottle, Rambo-style headband. Camo optional, Animal print and band tees encouraged.

Trainer: AWF Head Coach Sabina Rulez

PiLATES 45MIN/1 HR (Rainbow session)

It's about strengthening some of the most important muscles—the deep core and pelvic floor! Pilates improves stability, mobility and balance.  Those dealing with lil' back niggles, pelvic floor issues, or just wanting to make your body stronger and more resilient, this class is for YOU. 

PURRlates, as we secretly love to call it, is a class tailor-made to condition your body whilst at the same time increasing flexibility and strength. Pilates exercises help to re-align your body and spine, building a mighty core and muscle tone. 

Pilates is not only a strong foundation and compliment to any workout plan, but one you can do from the comfort of your living/bedroom—and in lock down that’s more important now than ever! You’ll need to clear a space big enough. We get it—your flat-share may not even have a living room, but if you can stretch your arms out without touching the wall, you’re fine. 

Suitable for: Not just for those that identify as women, we’ve made this sesh open to ALL wanting to discover their core strength. Beginners welcomed with intermediate and advanced crew catered for. 

Options may be available for most injuries, but the trainer must know WAY prior to the session starting so they can prepare, not as the class is starting. So please give us a yell if ya have any sore spots you wanna discuss! 

You will need: Mat if ya have one, otherwise pull up a large towel or a rug. 

A cushion (or block) and a theraband/strap or extra towel for stretching. 

Dress warm with layers. Socks/ bare feet.

Trainer: ST


BARRE 45 MIN (Proudly offered by our sister business AWF)

Holy tartan! What in Robert Burns’ name is Burlin' Barr-aye?

Watch and follow Margy Mayhem and the almighty legend Bowie the cat guide you through the ultimate mix of core work, balance, strength and stretching, with Highland dance influences oozing from all corners of the loch!
Suitable for: This low impact workout is suitable for most abilities and generations. You’ll be encouraged to work within your means and alternative moves are always on offer.

You will need: Wear comfy gear to allow movement and socks or bare feet (tartan optional). You may feel hotter than hell for the most part, but if you cop a chill have layers (or whiskey) handy.

Trainer: Margy-Mayhem


Love weights? Yeah don't put me down for cardio... haha

This weights-based class will build your strength like nothing else!  
Building muscle strength is great for bone, heart and overall health, especially for women!
LIFT is all about lifting with technique BANG ON whether it’s LiFTING with weights or body weight and not giving up when you feel the “burn”!

Lisa will include exercises for all ya bits and don’t worry, you won’t leave this session looking like a “body builder”, but you'll finish feeling STRONG AS!

Join us sisters who LIFT, PUSH IT like Salt n Pepa and enjoy PUMPING IT to some inspiring tunes.  

Suitable for: Most levels welcome. Lisa will need to know about injuries WAY in advance, coz she loves to plan special options for everyone!

Numbers are capped to ensure you LIFT in a safe and fun way.
​​You will need: Chair/bench (something to kneel/balance on. Mat (or comfy rug) and 2 sets of dumbbells -1 heavy, 1 light.  

Barbells or kettlebells may also be used! Defining what is heavy or light for everyone is tricky, but essentially you want to feel challenged during your workout! If you're not sure you can always discuss with Lisa prior to booking!

Dress warm so you can shed those layers and PLEASE wear SNEAKERS!  

Trainer: Head Trainer Authentic Women Lisa

Boom! Shake The Room! 45 MIN
This dance class is super FUN, SASSY + EASY TO FOLLOW! 

Look forward to learning an awesome routine to a new song each week!

Enjoy fun themes and various dance styles to an eclectic smorgasbord of funky beats!

Relax and let loose while Megan guides you through a simple sequence of steps with plenty of time to break them down and nail those moves! The finished product is so epic! You'll feel super chuffed with yourself!

You'll be so excited by what you have learnt that you'll find yourself showing your new moves to friends and family!

Shake The Room sessions welcome EVERYONE who loves to dance.

So, come on down to PiNK HQ and shake a leg...OR dim those lights and join us live stream from ya loungeroom!

Suitable for: All abilities and co-ordination levels!

You will need: Tights/shorts, baggy pants, singlets/t-shirts, leg warmers...anything goes so long as you are comfy!

Footwear can include runners, street shoes (that offer support) or even bare feet. Don’t forget your water bottle and towel!

Trainer: Megan


TIGHT ARSE 30/45 MIN (Proudly offered by our sister business AWF)

LOW IMPACT; boutique workout means the trainer can modify and work back with every individual/s injury and/or aliments. Of course we’ll be focusing on your Arse…. it’s a total toning + strengthening sesh;

Each sesh we change up the moves ’n’ blast your behind through the inevitable plateau your butt would get from doing the same-same moves.

Changing up the routine will surprise your backside, forcing it to adapt; bringing you to new levels of fitness. This process of surprising your mind and heinie is found in each and everyone of our Tight Arse workouts!

We guarantee, No Jumping, no running, all low impact stuff to get your motor running! We recommend freelstyle dancing in the days following your toite arse sesh, just to loosen up ya butt, legs ‘n that. You’re encouraged and supported throughout every session; all SIZE bums welcome.

We can’t wait to rock ya booty!

You will need: Bring a water bottle and a large towel/yoga mat.

Trainer: Kiko



This entire session dedicated to exercises designed to specifically target + tone your tummy, thighs + butt!

This is a strength only session, with minimal cardio apart from a warm up! Enjoy new session formats each week such as circuits, intervals, follow the instructor, pyramid challenges and more! (Session content may differ via zoom).

Suitable for: All fitness levels and most injuries with plenty of low impact options available.

You will need: A mat/towel or rug to lay/kneel on and booty band recommended but not essential.

**You can purchase booty bands from Authentic Women for only $15.

Trainer: Head Trainer Authentic Women Lisa

Pink Training (Since 2009) 45 MIN

Our first ever class on the timetable! This group personal training class will target + tone every muscle group in your body combined with creative cardio options to get your heart rate pumping! Individual, partner work and all in team challenges will keep you motivated and make you laugh!
This session features strongly in our timetable due to its popular nature as its never the same workout. This is why several recruits do it multiple times per week! Some session formats may involve hiit, card games, circuits, free weights, balance, shadow boxing, unco-aerobics, getting creative with household items and more! 

Suitable for: Most levels and injuries. 

You will need: A mat/towel or rug to lay/kneel on. Dumbbells or kettlebells or even therabands can be used for strength exercises. 

Trainer: Head Trainer Authentic Women Lisa


LUSH YIN YOGA  45 MIN (Proudly offered by our sister business AWF)

Stretch into stillness and self-compassion with mindful Yin Yoga. Take Sunday self-care to a new blissful level with this most calm and introspective form of yoga. Melt your muscles in longer pose holds with an emphasis on acceptance, and gently unwind mind, body and soul. Slow and focused LUSH YIN YOGA helps balance out all the busy Yang in your life. 

Schedule in some restful you-time to end your weekend on a relaxing note, ready to start your upcoming week revitalised. 

Loosen up to laid-back rock issued playlist. 

Suitable for: most levels. 

You will need: Mat or large towel, otherwise just pull up a rug. Snatch a cushion from the couch too (or a yoga block you have one).

Wear comfy gear that allows movement, socks to warm cold feet, or go barefoot and fancy free and in the cooler weather, ya might need a blanket. 

Trainer: Jo Bends

SLAYER 45 MIN (Proudly offered by our sister business AWF)

In every generation there is a chosen one… HOOOOOOOOOOWWWLL!!! 
Join us for season 1 of a knock-out (online) session for you to build the strength and confidence to slay everrry day!

Expect a twisted sesh with strong influences from mixed martial arts oozing from all corners of the ring. Watch(er) and follow in Head Coach's cosmic shadow. 
We love building a community of Slayers, training you up to feel confident enough to deal with whateverrr else life throws ya. 

Slayer is a more than just kickboxing; involving elbows, spiking, kneeing, limbering up, balance, clinching and more. IRL this is one of the most full-contact martial arts to exist. But online you’ll be on your own, gettin’ stuck into the fresh air with the occasional break for a boogie!

With the AWF Scooby Gang in your corner, you'll feel ALIVE, rolling with the punches and kicking major butt!
Zero prerequisites, other than be willing to learn and have fun. On the day of your sesh, the demons that hang at Willy’s might hit you, making you feel anxious, tired, over/under whelmed, or like you’ve lost your strength. But fear not, sometimes when it’s dark and lonely think, ‘What would Buffy do?’…. grab Mr Pointy and continue to kick butt!! When you turn up for class and feel the slightest bit out of your comfort zone, this means you’re learning and growing as a Slayer and just imagine how you can take your fighting experience/s into other areas of your life! Like in the Buffyverse, things can frequently fall apart, but she built herself back up stronger and kept fighting to save the world — there was no other option.  

What do Slayers need?

Zero, some or heaps of punching/kicking experience,  a Slayer name and gimmick/themed outfits welcome!   

Suitable for: All levels 

Potential slayer (absolute beginners)

Kendra (slightly experienced)

Buffy/Faith (experienced)

Trainer: AWF Head Coach Sabina Rules

MMA BOXING CLUB 30 MIN (Proudly offered by our sister business AWF)

An express martial arts sesh offered by SGP Fight Academy (our sister business from New York, USA) and the Epic Boss Sara Grace!

Sara is a life long martial artist and amateur fighter who will provide you with a mix of styles including boxing, kickboxing, muaythai, wrestling, shadow work, core and brutal cardio that may leave you breathless at times!

You will be live online – so all moves will be easy to watch and follow!

Enjoy whacking the air with a pack of likeminded legends with a massive focus on drilling your technique.

Whether you’re a brand newby or an experienced fighter, with the trainer on your side and the support of the group, you will be able to keep each other fired up and punching right until the end!

You will need: A mat for floor work, towel and water bottle. Dress warm so you can shed those layers. Bare feet is best! 

Suitable for: Women aged 18+

Trainer: Sara Grace

MMA HIIT  30 MIN (Proudly offered by our sister business AWF)

We’re stoked to get together with SGP Fight Academy (our sister business from New York, USA) and the Epic Boss Sara Grace - to offer you their MMA FIIT classes.

Sara will deliver fun sweaty Martial Arts fitness classes that may leave you breathless at times.

Workout with a pack of likeminded legends, on mute or off - we don't care!

MMA HIIT is all about drilling your fitness, whether you’re a brand newy or an experienced fighter, with the trainer on your side and the support of the group, knowing you’re not on your own will help you not give up when you feel the tired.

Boss Sara will include moves and grooves for a bunch of styles such as; boxing, kickboxing, muaythai, wrestling and more.

This sesh is live online – so moves cater towards easy watch and follow shadow work, core focus and brutal cardio.

You'll finish feeling confident, sweaty and STRONG AF!

You will need: A mat, towel and a water bottle and bare feet is best! 

Suitable for: Women aged 18+

Trainer: Boss Sara


Slow/Gentle Flow Yoga 45 min (Proudly offered by our sister business AWF) 

This watch and follow yoga sesh will move you through a gentle Vinyasa flow for the first half and then have you slithering down to be cradled by gentle yin / restorative shapes for the rest of the sesh. 
There’s no dolphin love cries back lashing this class. Instead, your ears will be greeted by a bloody good curated, horror themed soundtrack. 

You will need: Spotify (playlist link provided), a yoga mat/large towel or a pull up rug, some yoga blocks and/ or cushions. 

Wear comfy gear to allow movement, wear socks or go barefoot. (The Demoness recommends bare tootsies).

Maybe have an extra layer or blanket handy just in case you get chilled to the bone. 

Trainer: Lissa (Sat) / SJ (Wed)

Adult themes, strictly grown up vibes required.

FLEXIBELLE 45 min (Proudly offered by our sister business AWF)

A session designed to have you toning, bending and twisting your bod like a pro. Being a contortionist doesn’t have to be your goal!

You'll build the foundations to grow flexibility, whether that’s touching your toes, doing the splits or strengthening your core.

Master Trainer Haley will move your joints through full range whilst incorporating techniques to support and protect those lovely bones and muscles of yours. With both standing and mainly floor positions Haley caters for all levels with various degrees of difficulty offered at the perfect pace ensuring all participating can keep up without feeling bored or stupefied.

You will need: Comfy workout clothes, nothing too floppy... as it might hinder you from reaching that full flexy potential.

Bare feet or socks, we don’t care! However, in the cooler weather extra layers are a must. Drink bottle, blocks or cushion and a large towel (or a yoga mat if you have one).

Trainer: Haley


HIIT YEAH 30 min (Proudly offered by our sister business AWF)

Have you already walked all of your Suburb like Karen? haha
Feel like a new kinda cardio?
Join Nat (AKA The General) for 20 mins of non-stop moving to a banging’ curated playlist. You'll be looking after the your most important muscle in your body! 
Not sure you're fit enough? No such thing with this sesh. HIIT YEAH is suitable for ALL fitness levels with timed sequences so you can go at YOUR version of 100%. this session includes a 5 min warm up and cool down to ensure optimum recovery.
You will need: Towel/mat + drink bottle

Suitable for: All fitness levels

Trainer: Nat "The General"

LIFT HEAVY 45 min (Proudly offered by our sister business AWF)

If you’re a fan of our Strong Bonez and PINK LIFT classes, you'll love LIFT HEAVY!A new sesh designed for you to really step it up. This is a class built around FUN, lift in’ and sweatin'.The General will join you in a watch and follow style, motivating you to load up as you workout. This is definitely NOT a scored liftin' sesh or part of a weird, cultish competition. This boutique class aims to take your strength and power up a notch through working with heavier weights.

You will need: If you have a variety of hand weights, resistance bands or kettle bells we recommend bringing them along. In time you should progress and will need heavier weights, which you can nab from the local shops or second hand. 

Letting us know of injuries prior and wearing sneakers is a must.  

Trainer: Nat "the General"

STRONG BONEZ 1 HR (Proudly offered by our sister business AWF)

By working to increase our strength, our tendons, ligaments and bones are given the support they need. If ya lookin’ to get strong, then this LOW IMPACT workout is for you. Don’t let injuries or ailments put ya off, we’ve got options for your bonez too!

Strong Bonez will help you create a foundation of strength by using resistance, weighted and varied body weight exercises that will make you feel stronger than ever before. NOICE!

Dumbbells aren’t required, BUT bring ‘em along if ya got ‘em, or even an extra drink bottle filled with water to use as a weight. Resistance bands aren’t essential either, but we won’t say no if ya have one of those too. The workout can also be done without equipment—so don’t stress if ya don’t have these items.

You will need: Chuck on ya comfies ’n’ joggers—you’ll need to be able to move freely! Also grab a water bottle and a large towel (or a yoga mat if you have one). 

Trainer: The General

Adult themes, strictly grown up vibes required.

CALISTHENIX 30 MIN (Proudly offered by our sister business AWF)

Calisthenix been around for ages!

The Greeks coined the term yonks ago, the words kallos, which means 'beauty' and sthénos, meaning ‘strength’.

Master Trainer April will be sharing her love of CALISTHENIX all the way from Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

April will take you on a watch-and-follow style session that is low impact and suitable for most levels and skill sets.

You will be encouraged to work within your means and notice improvements with ongoing training. 

CALISTHENIX uses the entire body rather than emphasising certain muscles over others.  

Enjoy a session that is gentle on your joints and connective tissue with authentic and natural body movements. 

This session will also help develop coordination, speed, power, agility AND those fine motor skills for a bit of brain training.

Suitable for: Most levels

Trainer: Epic April 

You will need: Comfortable clothing so you are free to move, towel or mat and drink bottle.

Stronger Things 45 MIN (Proudly offered by our sister business AWF)

A strength sesh combining the best bits of Yoga and Barre 80s style? Yes please!

Join us as we take a trip to the town of Hawkins to FREE WINONA! Maybe.

You'll be in the Upside Down and taking it up to Eleven with some specialist barre moves to celebrate one of our fave shows.

Think: a trip to the Starcourt Mall, but hopefully without the scary underground lab and possibly evil dimensions.

Come as you are or wear your best '80s gear and throw some planks at the Hawkins National Laboratory. We promise you won't go missing…

Suitable for: All levels

You will need: Mat or towel, comfy gear that allows movement and drink bottle.

Trainer: Lissa

VINYASA YOGA 1 HR (Proudly offered by our sister business AWF)

This ONLINE sesh taught LIVE, will involve varied low to moderate intensity. With a noice balance of energetic vinyasa sequences, dynamic hatha poses, restorative moves and meditative practices.

No whale moaning in AWF classes, ever – this class is bookended by an issued rock playlist.

You will need: If you have yoga mat, large towel or a pull up a rug, nab a cushion (or a yoga block you have one).

Wear comfy gear that allows movement, rock socks or go barefoot. Always have an extra layer and a blanket just in case, particularly in cooler weather.

Trainer: SJ

Adult themes, strictly grown up vibes required.


Elastica 45 MIN (Proudly offered by our sister business AWF)
A LOW IMPACT strength and flexibility training session including core work.
No matter your size or fitness level – Elastica makes ALL bodies warm and bendy!
A simple, watch and follow, mat (floor) class; with various degrees of difficulty offered at the perfect pace.
Before you know it, you will be more bendy and flexy than you ever dreamed possible with the bonus of a stronger core!
A body positive, encouraging and inclusive class to an inspiring playlist!
You will need: Bring a water bottle and a large towel/yoga mat. Wear comfortable clothing to allow movement (nothing too floppy - it might get in the way of some moves), socks or bare feet and extra layers if cold.
For women aged 18+: We're not insured for underaged visitors, so unfortunately, we can’t allow underage crew either watching or participating due to the adult themes.

Trainer: AWF Head Coach Sabina Rules

SWEAT STORM 30 MIN (Proudly offered by our sister business AWF)

Outlook: Sweaty, chance of a self-induced shower.

No need to check your weather app, we've got a sweaty storm front approaching.

This full body workout is for those that wanna get strong! No equipment necessary and we’ve scheduled a no immediate danger alert for vulnerable spots like shoulders, wrists, knees, hips and ankles. Let us know whateverrr is feeling a tad dodgy prior to class and we'll sort you out. We promise not to send you into a cyclonic spin; no jumping or running but there may be some pulsing and slight bouncing. Pretty much 30 mins of stuff that will turn you into a hot mess.

f you wanna take it easy and go at your own pace, that is completely ok!

Plus sweating is not always a sign of a strong front as you'll notice your progression in choice of moves and improvement in technique.

You will need: Bring a water bottle and a large towel/yoga mat.

Wear comfortable clothing to allow movement.

Runners, socks or bare feet and extra layers if cold.
For women aged 18+ with adult themes.

Trainer: AWF Head Coach Sabina Rules