We are a GYM ALTERNATIVE located in Ringwood North.

We provide Personal + Group Training for Women of all shapes, sizes, ages + fitness levels and even most injuries.

We are a completely judgement free zone - no posers here!

We currently have and luckily seem to only attract awesome, lovely, encouraging and supportive like minded women

who enjoy each others company immensely!

We consider our clients to be friends - we are definitely the firm but fair friend though that will always have your best interests at heart!

We have a private Personal Training studio for PT + smaller group classes (although we are currently only live streaming), we hope to welcome you back to the studio soon!

Our space has heating and both split system and industrial fans for cooling and a bathroom.

Upon booking you will be given clear location details, directions, what to bring and wear and you will be introduced to your class mates!


Authentic Women was founded by head Trainer Lisa Turner.
A real woman with curves and a passion to help others get fit, healthy and HAPPY!
PINK TRAINING® began in 2009 (group personal training style) with 16 recruits, 2 nights a week in Lisa’s very own backyard.
The name PiNK TRAiNiNG started with t-shirts exclusively designed for the women to wear to their sessions but the training style itself was so much more!
Lisa felt strongly that the session content had to be creative, fun and suitable for all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels.
Her exciting weekly concepts far out weighed the traditional "boot camp" style that most are used to or even put off by.
Lisa wanted more games, team challenges, personal attention and more FREE stuff that gyms called extras!

PiNK TRAiNiNG 11 years later still going strong!