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****8am + 9am booked out****

This is your 4 on 1 discount price when you also add 1 other group 45 min session.


So the idea of a PT session sounds awesome, but you'd prefer a workout buddy or 3?

(And, lets be honest, the $avings are a bonus too $)!

In this intimate 4 on 1 PT session you can expect a full body strength session with options for all abilities and injuries.  No matter what you'd like to acheive, Lisa will be there to support and guide you the whole way.

We are looking for clients to commitment to the full 8 week program.

You'll be eagar to learn and work hard plus have fun too!

This is NOT a weight loss program, but if that's your vibe, we support you as you are and respect where you want to be!

Optional before and after stats. Includes muscle mass + measurements.

If you'd like to learn more - please send us a message.

Please note: Our 4 ON 1 PT sessions are not included as part of our UNLIMITED group sessions package.

All new members will need to fill in a healthscreen and terms.

All members will receive a Workbook to be able to log before and after results.

2023 Dates:


4on1 PT SESSION (Sat 8am/9am)

Price Options
One-time purchase
4 on 1 PT - 8/9am
11 week program
$37.60every week for 9 weeks
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