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Live Stream or Studio 

Following this workshop, you can expect to leave feeling looser, more mobile + relaxed.

You will also have a greater undrstanding of your bodies myofascial structure and the benefits of foam rolling and SMR (Self Myofascial Release).

Lisa will guide you through:

Full body stretches (using a towel, mat + chair)

Rolling techniques designed to unlock tight muscles and increase your range of movement

As well as Incorporating neural gliding techniques to help release trapped nerves.

You will learn how to release knots in your body safely and effectively.

You will need: 

A 90cm foam roller

A chair (preferably with a back)

Full length towel to lay on or mat

Extra full length towel or theraband for stretching

Trigger ball, spikey ball or tennis ball (Trigger balls available for purchase with us).

This Workshop is included in our UNLIMITED package or you can attend casually.

UNLIMITED members use coupon code: UNLIMITED at checkout.

Wear: PJ's if you like! Anything comfy, bare feet or socks.

Date: 16 November, 2023. 

Time: 7:45-9:15pm

Plase arrive/log on 5 min early.


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